Seasonal and Environmental Allergy Treatments

Several methods of allergy specific immunotherapy are used at our clinic by our naturopathic doctors:


Autohemotherapy is a treatment that that has been developed in Germany and utilized throughout Europe to treat and manage many different conditions. With respect to allergies, a small amount of a patient’s own blood is mixed with ozone to moderate allergic responses. The treatment involves 4 weekly 15 minute sessions. In our experience, responses vary, but overall a 90-100% reduction in the use of anti-histamines is reached in the high response portion (about a third) of our treated patients and about a 50% reduction in the use of anti-histamines is experienced in our moderate response patients (about a third).

Vitamin Boost

This therapy is done for more immediate relief of allergic symptoms, allowing for the instant delivery of therapeutic (high) doses of vitamins and minerals directly to the bloodstream bypassing the digestive system. It contains Vitamin C, Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamins B5, B6, B complex, B 12, and Multi-trace minerals. These intravenous treatments are performed as frequently as daily until symptoms are alleviated or manageable.

Allergy Specific Immunotherapy 

This oral therapy offers an alternative to weekly injections of dilutions for reducing allergic symptoms. This therapy uses daily oral drops to slowly desensitize an individual to allergies by acclimatizing a person’s immune system to constant low concentration exposure. In one study, the group that took one drop three times a day for two years was able to reduce their anti-histamine usage by 100%.