Physiotherapy and Osteopathy

What is Physiotherapy? 

Physiotherapist provide assessment, treatment and education for wide range of health problems to ensure you can make the most of your lifestyle. As peoplelive longer and busier lives, it's not surprising that our bodies occasionally need assistance to stay in good working order. Physiotherapists can recommend the best way to treat problems with your muscles, bones and joints, circulatory, respiratory or nervous system.

What is Osteopathy? 

Osteopathy is a five year program which provides specialized training in myofacial release, cranial-sacral therapy, visceral mobilization, and muscle energy techniques as well as others not mentioned.

Osteopathy is the training of well defined sense of touch which allows the practitioner to feel restrictions within the body. It is a hands on approach used to identify changes both in structure and in the rhythms of the body. The osteopath approach assesses the body as a whole to find restrictions which may be hiding and to provide balance.