Cardiovascular Testing

Comprehensive Cardiovascular Risk Profile

This profile provides extensive evaluation of biomarkers of cardiovascular risk.

Anylates include: Apolipoprotein A1, Apolipoprotien B, C-Reactive Protein, Cholesterol, CoQ10, Cystatin C, Ferritin, Fibinogen, HBA1c, HDL, Homocysteine, Iron, LDL, Lipid Panel, Lipoprotein (a), RBC Magnesium, Oxidized LDL, small LDL, Tocopherol alpha (E), Tocopherol gamma (E).

Oxidized LDL

High blood levels of oxidized LDL are sensitive bio-markers of fatty plaque formation in the arteries. 

CardioGenomicPlus Profile

The Profile uses genomic testing to identify the risk of genetic susceptibility to hereditarily influenced cardiac related diseases and conditions. 

Metabolomic Profiles 

This blood collection test creates a profile to assess the likelihood of Metabolic syndrome in at-risk patients. Metabolic syndrome is related to atherosclerosis, type II diabetes and heart failure. Early detection of this disease allows for possible diet and lifestyle changes that may prevent the development of symptoms or complications. This profile also includes Leptin to Adiponection ratio which is a sensitive indicator for a variety of health conditions.